Coastal Stewardship Program

CSPgrouping3Big Sur Charter School is excited to introduce our Coastal Stewardship Program!

Our Coastal Stewardship Program includes a series of outdoor activities in which Big Sur Charter School K-8 students move toward an increased appreciation of our coastal ecosystems.  Middle school students develop their understanding of current issues facing the health of our ocean and collaborate to design a civic engagement project.  The Middle School students’ experience will culminate in a week-long residential science program at the pristine Big Creek State Reserve.  The overall goal of this program is to create a deep and lasting relationship between students and our local environs. As students move through our Coastal Stewardship Program, they begin to take on active roles in protecting our coast.

Civic engagement projects foster coastal stewardship behaviors by allowing students to address an existing climate or ocean-related issue in our community.  Youth immerse themselves in the wilderness of Big Sur during our residential science camp, with hands-on educational experiences; including guided nature walks, astronomy tours, and ecology games. As part of their engagement projects, students gather, calculate, and analyze data revealing the effect of their actions on the climate and ocean. Leadership and project management skills develop as students design and evaluate their impact, effectively executing their coastal stewardship vision.

Program Objectives

Students will:

  • Experience the beauty of our local coast
  • Understand the seven Ocean Literacy Principles
  • Integrate the Next Generation Science Standards in hands-on learning
  • Initiate a coastal stewardship project