We believe…

  • Parents are Partners in Learning
  • The Community is our Classroom
  • Nature is our Teacher
  • We are all Artists

Big Sur Charter School offers an alternative to traditional public schooling. We support students to learn at home, while providing opportunities for developing relationships with peers in our community learning programs.  BSCS is a “non-classroom” based charter school. We believe children can learn outside of the four walls of the classroom and when they are engaged in their local communities. Our school fosters relationships between home, school and community to best serve our students and prepare them to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.

Our teachers work with families to design learning programs to meet the needs of eachAPLTrailTalk individual student. This Personalized Learning approach recognizes that not all students learn the same way. Parents and teachers work collaboratively to identify each child’s learning style, unique strengths, and challenges. Our teachers help parents choose curriculum and teaching strategies to support each student in meeting educational and personal goals.

Our Place-Based Learning programs connect students to the community where they live. The community is our classroom and our students are engaged in map making, historical research, nature awareness programs and service projects that foster a sense of place.

 Place-based learning is rooted in what is local; the unique history, culture, environment, and economy of a particular place. The community provides a context for learning, student work focuses on community needs and interests, and community members serve as resources and partners in every aspect of teaching and learning. We have found that this local focus engages students academically, pairing real world relevance with intellectual rigor, while promoting genuine citizenship and preparing people to live well wherever they choose.”

                           – The Rural School & Community Trust     www.ruraledu.org