Our Programs

Big Sur

Big Sur students study core curriculum at home and meet two days each week for enrichment programs. Under the guidance of their teacher, students learn local natural and cultural history, including making maps of our community and creating field guides of central coast plants and wildlife.  Our garden is an outdoor classroom where students discover how ecosystems work and explore principles of sustainability and systems thinking. Parents volunteer to help cultivate our raised beds and harvest food for our school community.


Our credentialed teachers work with students and families to create personalized learning plans with a focus on local arts and nature education.  Teachers and community learning partners work with small groups of 12 – 15 students to study aikido, art, music, and drama two days each week in Monterey. Our experienced local environmental educators meet with students at locations around the Monterey Peninsula offering hands-on science and nature programs designed around principles of sustainability and stewardship.

San Luis Obispo

Families, teachers and community learning partners collaborate to create unique programs for K-8 students including individualized tutoring, small group instruction, drama, nature studies, local history and service learning. Some service projects include: gleaning organic farms and donating to local food banks, beach clean-ups, native plant restoration, and developing relationships with elders in an assisted living home through letter writing, visits and student performances.