“I am so grateful for the Big Sur Charter School and it’s approach to personalized learning for the student. Here, the child is the focus. I am also educating myself and as a result my kids are loving it!”

Big Sur Parent

“The support we receive from BSCS is invaluable. I have seen my son’s confidence grow so much because of this individualized path. He is challenged in the areas he needs to grow, encouraged in his areas of strength, and is truly becoming a lifelong learner. The support from BSCS is the catalyst for his growth.”

San Luis Obispo Parent

“Two days of enrichment programs has been the perfect supplement to our largely home-based education. We are strong proponents of the BSCS model: the focus on arts, environment and community service; the personalizing of education for each student; and the inclusion of parents as partners in learning.  That model has worked wonderfully for our family, and we see it working wonders for all who are attending BSCS in San Luis Obispo.”

San Luis Obispo Parent

“I have been overwhelmed with gratitude and amazed at the community partners my daughter has had the opportunity to learn with. This experience at Big Sur Charter has exceeded any expectation I had for my daughter when entering into the school years. I am so happy we found this school and look forward to starting first grade next year at Big Sur Charter School.”

Monterey Parent